My Journal

This is Sadie

This is the stuff right here! These are my kind of portraits. This is what I want to hang on the walls. It’s so simple, but tell such a big story!

Sadie just turned five months old. She can go from a smile to scowl in a blink of an eye. All of that expression and all of that personality and it only took her five months to achieve 😂.

I think I see a theme happening lately in the studio. All of these mommy and me portraits. They’re making my heart melt. ❤👏

If mommy and me portraits have been on your mind you should do it now. Because these babies are waiting for no one!

Ryan & Kristy


Of course, like every newborn session I have to say this session was so fun! Because they always are. Daddy was on point with baby spotting which is THE most important when posing baby with props.

Only a newborn photographer knows that exciting time when the baby smiles for you in that perfect moment. I was absolutely thrilled to get one of those today. It was the perfect first family portrait.

One unique pose that we did today was for daddy. He’s a rock climbing instructor. So we did a sweet little cuddly pose with dad’s gear. I know he is going to love this one! Also, a special shot for mama was her wedding dress tucked in the bucket. He looks so cuddly and comfortable there.❤ Then of course the lucky grandparents. Today was a special day.

Baby in a bathtub

So typically as far as babies are concerned I am a studio photographer. But having the studio closed for a little over a month has given me a little creative challenge. In every way this little accident has been such a wonderful experience. I’m so thankful and I feel so lucky!

This little guys momma wanted a portrait session in the park with the bathtub and bubbles. It still has my simple style, but such an adorable theme. Of course I would only shoot a session like this when it’s warm outside. Thankfully we had the summer for this opportunity. It was so much fun I can’t wait to do it again!